We, at MC, are committed to combine between efficiency and innovation and between delivering sustainable quality in every project, whether it is a big city cultural development or a small residential project. What’s important for us is to understand our client's goals and aspirations and offer innovate diverse engineering solutions to achieve them in conformity with international standards while preserving the surrounding environment and cultural coordination. In that sense, we are proud of our team of more than 400 experts, consultants, engineers, technicians and administrators, whom we believe are our true treasure. And thus we strive to offer them the opportunities to implement their cumulative expertise and creativity to serve our society with the highest standards of integrity and professional commitment. We are keen to share these experiences with our younger and future generations through continuous training and development opportunities and cohesiveness of past generations to ensure continuity of MC in performing its work with the highest sustainable quality Our goal is to work constantly to raise our local and regional classification among the other leading consulting engineering companies through the exchange of experiences and joint work with international companies and keeping abreast of the latest technologies and full commitment to ethics and international quality standards and systems

Prof. Dr. Sameh Abdel-Gawad

Founder and CEO.