6th of October City Water Intake, Boosters, And Raw Water Transmission Line to

Water Purification Plant with Capacity 1,700,000 m3/day.

Country :

‎ Egypt

Client :

Orascom Construction & HA Construction (Hassan Allam) (Joint Venture)

Project Value : ‎

2.154 Billion EGP

Owner :

‎ N 6th of October City Authority - New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA)

Start/End Date :


Project Description :

This Project includes Construction of 1.7 million m³ per day water transmission line to supply the 6th of October City Potable Water Treatment plant with raw water, including:

  • Design of 40 kilometer steel pipeline with a 2200 mm diameter,

  • Design of 78 kilometer RC pipeline 2200 mm diameter,

  • Design of (7) crosses for the pipelines,

  • Design of Nile intake with a capacity 1,700,000 m3/day,

  • Design of two booster stations with a capacity of 1,700,000 m3/day, 

  • Design of control and monitoring system along the 3 pipelines by SCADA systems.

  • Design of two water hammer systems, and mechanical screen.

Services provided :

Design calculations and detailed drawings.