Wastewater treatment plants and networks for El-Saf and Atfih districts Helwan governorate.

Country :


Client :

Construction Authority for Potable Water and Waste Water

Project Value : ‎

315 Millions EGP

Owner :

Giza Potable Water & Wastewater Company

Start/End Date :


Project Description :

- 2 water purification plants with capacity 1400 l/sec.
- Water networks with diameter (200-1200mm) with total length of 93km.
- (11) water tanks with capacity from 500m3 to 2500m3.
- (2) intakes for the water purification plant s.
- (7) networks with diameters (175 to 1000mm) and with total length of 168Km
- (2) main pumping stations with capacities (46,726m3/day) and (103,726m3/day)
- Force main with diameter (400mm-1200) and with total length of 37km
- Force main with diameter (800mm-32000) and with total length of 55km
- (2) wastewater treatment plants with oxidation ponds system and 3000 Fadden forest tree.

Services provided :

- Review of design calculations, detailed drawings & Project documentations
- Review, Approval of shop drawings, technical submittals & As-built drawings.
- Construction supervision.